The Sweetness of His Word

O taste and see! yea, know assuredly
of the Blessed Redeemer’s fruit; of that
Living Bread not wont to grow stale, laid
up for those ravenous souls which fly
upon Heaven’s ladder, almost violent
in their manner of acquisition, yet
only are they met with blessed joy
and life most vehement in its flame.

O that blessed overcomer who affords
himself a drink of the Glorious Fount
of Heaven; he will not leave unsatisfied
who avails himself of The Living Well;
and to those who lay hold of Him as their sweetest portion,
He imparts a most beautiful grace and strength,
sweeter than honey and more lively than a hind.

O taste and be satisfied in His goodness;
His lips are as lilies in their speech, His mouth
is most sweet and altogether lovely,
the bounty of His voice is of the highest value,
exceeding that of gold and silver.
O put your trust in Him: for in The Everlasting Lord
is everlasting strength.

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