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Drawing Near

The time is short;the day draws near;the dawning of that infinite agedraws inescapably closer as weedge on into eternity, and the thickblanket of night grows old.The tremors of glory on the horizonripple through time and splashupon the shore. The Ark of Heaven’sdoors creak with forebode;the reddening sky swells.Look! the Right Hand of Almighty Jahlooms on …

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Ready For Him

One of the things that will be prevelant in the coming days before Jesus returns, will be the mockery of His return. Peter tells us that there will be “scoffers” in the last days, “walking after their own lusts, and saying, where is the promise of His coming? For since the fathers fell asleep, all …

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The Sweetness of His Word

O taste and see! yea, know assuredlyof the Blessed Redeemer’s fruit; of thatLiving Bread not wont to grow stale, laidup for those ravenous souls which flyupon Heaven’s ladder, almost violentin their manner of acquisition, yetonly are they met with blessed joyand life most vehement in its flame. O that blessed overcomer who affordshimself a drink …

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