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May the purpose of every “jot and tittle” of this website be to magnify Jesus, The Lamb of God, that He may gain a full reward for His suffering. May His Name be magnified and may His Word be even above that. May the words herein minister grace to the hearers and be the very words of God that He would be glorified through Jesus Christ. May His Eternal Spirit ever bring forth more glorious truth of Jesus for each of us to behold. May your affection for Jesus, God’s One-and-only Unique Son, be set on fire and may that flame never die.

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Avoiding The Desolator

There is a warning given to Nineveh by God over one hundred years after the city repented at Jonah’s prophetic warning of judgment. It is found in Nahum, and reads as follows, “The Disperser/Desolator is come up before thy face: keep the fortified city/bulwarks, watch the way, make thy loins strong, fortify thy power mightily.” …

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06.06.21 b

Chainsaw work, cleanup, etc., for an elderly single woman. The ground in the back area was very bumpy; it is very easy to trip, and with the long grass, hard to see the ground. It is a good contrast to a life spent following Jesus. To be in Jesus’ presence is to have our feet …

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Helping move a single mom/ministry leader into a new home. At the new home there was a peony bush. Though the flowers are beautiful, they were drooping onto the ground, becoming dirty or broken. It is similar to the Christian life without The Holy Spirit’s surpassing joy. As Christians, we have access to the very …

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Hedge trimming, trimming, and debris cleanup for a widow. There is a common plant, an invasive species, called bittercress, which when hit, sends seeds flying from the plant into all directions. It is often looked at as a weed, though it has some medicinal value, and when one attempts to destroy the plant, it ironically …

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God of strength, all sovereign and powerful;God of truth, straight and without error;God of sufficiency, completer and sustainer;God of eternity, holder of all life, I AM:to Thy great name belongeth all glory!may every living thing ascribe to Thee, whattrue depth of mercy is Thine and Thine alone,what true strength lies within Thy Sanctuary;what delicate rest …

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To My King

Dawn’s joyful bounce above the skyline,(steadfast in its obedience to the Most High),a gazelle in full stride, (strength and beauty combined),a king in victorious parade, (ten thousand behind).Such is my King’s love, adamant with dedication,armor which no foe may break, a measurelesswell of endless refreshment, ever flowing and free;ever radiant and ablaze with heavenly heat. …

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Raised Paths

The world which we live in is a very fine proponent of “doing you,” that is, of engaging in whatever makes you happy or pleases you. Our world would say that to pursue your dreams, desires, passions, etc., and to pursue them in the context of a world focused on wealth, fame, pleasure, luxury, ease, …

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