A Prayer to God

I cry out to God,
for the blazing radiance of God’s eternal Son
to burn within my bones,
to burn within my heart,
to burn within my bowels, within my mind,
to create a tongue of eternal fire;
a pillar of God’s consuming heat resting on my head and
I ache for the bliss of His presence,
the bliss of His words, i thirst for the awesome power
of His exceeding ability to arc from my
mind to my heart and burst forth from my bowels
with POWER!

O LORD! may the blood of The Great Lamb
rush through my veins and become a hot aching
which no waters can ever quench and which
nothing in this world can ever satisfy! cause me to
triumph in the work of thine nail pierced hands,
let the blazing inferno of The Risen Christ
propel my heart with His love shed forth.

O LORD! may the mercy of The Fatihful Witness in Heaven
be etched onto my heart so that the compassion
of my Savior would be absorbed into my blood, and in my
death let His excelling life flow abundantly! by the sure
mercies of David cause me to sing! Let me see the blessed
glory of your heavenly face that I be not moved. Let eternity
ring within my mind and shine upon my face
and burn within my heart!
Show to me the everlasting paths of mercy and truth
and destroy the works of my flesh; let the
fragrance of Jesus fill every room in my body,
and let me ever taste of His blessed and delightful fruit.

O LORD! Let me rest in the cleft of Jesus Christ and
find satisfaction in His fount. O God Almighty let
me be overwhelmed by your peace and let
every abominable worry be shattered to pieces
by the burning feet of The King of Kings.
May the eternal hum of holy angels shouting
your glory boom within every thought of my
mind, and let your peace conquer me. Let
your shadow bathe me in soft delight, and clothe
me with strength in my soul O God in heaven alone.

FATHER IN HEAVEN, grant me in your grace!
bury a hot spring deep beneath
my flesh which ever grows with each glance
of Jesus’ fiery eyes and radiant glow of sardis and jasper and emerald.
Let me see Jesus Christ Crucified, slaughtered for my sin,
let me see your eternal wrath which shattered Him and
crushed Him and pierced Him. And let me see The Risen
Lord of Lords, The Word of God, The Truth of all Ages effulgent
majestic glorious beaming beautiful brilliant –
Let me behold your beauty or let me die!

I cry out to the living God to live within me!
O MY BELOVED come into me and burn hotly
fervently brightly, breath upon my candle
and let my light shine to the awesome glory
of El Shaddai. Let the filth, the barbaric
and twisted schemes of every foul worldly
ill be consumed with The Consuming Fire
of your presence; may your lavish and rich
grace clothe me and empower me, and
may my mouth shoot open, bursting forth
in ecstasy of praise and proclomation
of The Most High God and His Son Jesus Christ,
to whom I am forever in debt.

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