We look and yearn and feel after eternity,
if we might chance upon a taste of that which is so glorious;
if that blessed confidence might be struck to us as flesh upon the bone,
and our hearts be found true and pure,
meekly waiting beneath our master’s table for one crumb of His word.

So let us be found groaning earnestly
after the mysterious wonders of immortality,
for that glorious liberty apart from these vile bodies.
And may we be gifted patience for that holy fascination.

Alas, the world in bondage fears, but we with eyes open wide throw yet another
glance and prayer for that which is to come.
Alas, the world even mocks and scorns, but we stand amidst our field
and defend it with the blazing Spirit upon our heads.

In zealous pursuit of Christ lies our portion here upon the dirt, anchored
to the hope which surely lives and breathes, and which meekly instructs us
into further joy and further peace.

Ever gently and softly His voice tells of
grandeur and majesty, mightier than the noise of many waters; larger than
the towering mountains, loftier than the clouds, more magnificent than
the vast and immeasurable heaven above. And we, as children,
raise our heads in awe toward the glorious Son,
as a light in a dark place.

Thanks be to God, that we, being delivered from fear and from bondage to death,
that wretched And miserable glutton of flesh and of life,
may triumphantly march toward the valley overrun with shadows,
knowing that this our Lord hath showed us what is to come
and is with us alway, to the very end of the age.
Yea, and moreover He hath shattered those able and rugged chains,
which may never cling to our flesh again,
for the sting of death has been vanquished in the Blood of Christ.

And thanks again be to God;
for his strong arm has dashed to pieces the enemy;
His mighty foot will soon crush the serpent’s head;
And His grace shall ever flow, His glory ever rise,
His Son ever love, and
His servants ever shout a victor’s laud
toward their eternal captain’s throne.

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