Never Hungry

"The young lions do lack, and suffer hunger: but they that seek The LORD shall not want any good thing." [Psa 34:10]

Even the mighty lions, strong and wild, hunger. Those ferocious hunting machines hunger and thirst. Even they, with all their prowess, with all their might, with all their keen, yes even they hunger. Those mighty kings of the wilderness often go hungry, many hunts fail and many nights they spend without food in their bellies. And we may also say, that even the lions of this world hunger. Even those who are wise in this world, who have all of what it has to offer, who are high and among the very elite: even they hunger. But hear this, precious saint, the one who does not hunger, the one who does not want anything because he is utterly content: that man is the one who seeks The LORD. What an awesome promise! Those who seek God will not hunger! Those who seek God with all their heart, as He has promised, will find Him and they will be satisfied on Him and Him alone. There are no vain hunts, there are no nights with no food; those who seek will not return empty. And we see also that those who have God, who have sought Him and have found Him, are not hungry for the world’s goods. They are not hungry for cheap imitations of genuine spiritual meat. They do not hunger nor do they want: they are content with their God. Those who find and eat of Jesus Christ will be satisfied. Even as He has said, “he that cometh to Me shall never hunger; and he that believeth on Me shall never thirst.” [Jn 6:35]

Are you hungry? Are you in want? Yes, you may say you have many needs, many hungers. Your pockets may not be full, your job may be declining, your family may be broken, your friends may be gone, but read again: “THEY THAT SEEK THE LORD SHALL NOT WANT ANY GOOD THING.” Seek Jesus and be filled! Seek Jesus and rest content with Him and Him alone! He is the source of all life, of all satisfaction, and He is a sure and enduring fount which never fails.

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