A Third Prayer to God

I pray to God for a fire in my soul which burns eternal
like the blessed burning of that grandest ball of celestial
and everlasting flame, exalted and lifted up like
the one who upholds its very atoms, upon whose will
its energy depends and who has found fit to make
it as a strong man running a race;
And I pray to be a bright shining light of God’s precious life,
for Him by faith to indwell my heart, and by faith
to live through Him; for the blessed truth to be shout
from the over housetops through the valleys and atop the mount, that
CHRIST LIVETH IN ME. O, for my heart to burn with love
simple and pure; for my mind to crave Him in the light of the sun and of the moon;
for my mouth, filled with grace, to bless His name;
for my ears to yearn for His wisdom, my eyes to yearn
for His glory, my being to yearn after His blessed presence.
O God turn this Heart toward your word,
and turn my eyes upward;
lift up my head from the dirt and muck of earth,
to steadfastly behold your Well-beloved Son;
let always this saint Of your design, and of your nail pierced hands,
praise your glory and grace, and find
favor in your eyes, and mercy in your sight,
and comfort upon thine most coveted breast.

I pray to God for the noblest of passions to be imparted
indefinitely within my heart; for my very core to be burned
with the marks of Jesus my Lord; I pray for the loveliest sight
to ever be upon my eyes, and the greatest praise upon my lips;
I pray He my Father, blessed and well, be for me an everlasting
and eternal fount, and for Him to grant me His excellent grace
that I might drink from Him again and again. I pray for the zeal
of purity and the zeal of holiness and the zeal of love: I pray for
the coals of Christ to ever burn beneath the bones of my chest; for the palms
and pomegranates of His presence to shelter and satisfy my innermost,
for His wings to shroud, for His hand to guide, for His rod to
correct, for His yoke to remain, for His burden so light upon mine back.

I pray to God in Heaven, Christ over all, He alone my hope;
He alone my power; He alone my strength; He alone my desire.
For Him to ever transform and work upon me as the Master
Craftsman, for Him to ever uphold me as He that holds the pillars
of the earth, as He which holds the heaven in the span of His hand,
as He The Sustainer of All, to ever consider and
think upon this lowly one of His, for Him to ever intercede,
and for Him to bless this garden with wind from north and south,
for Him to bless this vineyard with rain former and latter,
O and that my wine would flow, and
the grain would blossom, and the spices would fill His nose
with savor; And that He might come and taste of His produce and find pleasure.

I pray for sweet tenderness to cover my heart and every action,
that the kindness He has showed would overflow out from my belly and
upon those ’round; and if He would count me so worthy,
I ask for every proud ill and rotten thought be crushed to powder
beneath His righteous rod; I long for His righteousness to straightly
guide me to each new strength, to each new glory of Jesus’
most blessed and treasured face, and through every valley and woe I pray
for steadfast faith and steadfast joy, for in the depth of misery
and pain that I would in all points thank my Risen Lord.
For He is worthy of all thanksgiving and praise, and I am
all but for His pleasure and glory; so too then I pray my dearest
God, that I would strongly withstand every plight against my
faith, clinging to the grace of Christ and ever only just so simply
gazing at His face and glory, and not one glance elsewhere.

O that the beauty of Christ would rest upon my face!
O that the simplicity of devotion to Him would consume me!
O Mighty God that the truth of your word would be in my blood!
In my veins! In my muscle, and tissue, and sinew!
O Blessed and Everlasting Light of Heaven’s Morning,
rise, rise rise! Shine, shine, shine!
That the love of your Son would be in my sweat!
That the grace of Christ would be in every breath!
O Everlasting Father may your presence and truth lift me always!
May your reality strike me!
May your forgiveness and love indwell me with fear!
O that the glories of Christ would ever be unfolded to me!
O that by your grace I would cling, I would cling, I would ever cling!

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