To My King

Dawn’s joyful bounce above the skyline,
(steadfast in its obedience to the Most High),
a gazelle in full stride, (strength and beauty combined),
a king in victorious parade, (ten thousand behind).
Such is my King’s love, adamant with dedication,
armor which no foe may break, a measureless
well of endless refreshment, ever flowing and free;
ever radiant and ablaze with heavenly heat.

Come, see the King! Come see
the Christ in His glorious gait, every enemy
dashed to pieces and contained,
and He, arrayed in color and in crown,
and He, vivid and decked with majesty,
altogether breathtaking, altogether dignified.

To my Blessed King whose nearness and
affection promote such pleasing devotion,
Let my whole heart sing for your steadfast and
faithful love, which arises like the joyful dawn’s dance,
and echoes like the thunder across the breadth
of earth, and glints upon the waters of my heart
like the incandescent moon;
To my blessed King, zealous in love,
everlasting in His gift of life and light,
what glories you reveal, what excellencies
you impart, what beauties you display!

Come, behold the King! Come behlold
the Christ in His holiness, uniquely God
and in every aspect complete. An infinitely
complex jewel; His righteousness towers past
the furthest galaxy, His knowledge plunges through
the deepest cavern, His faithfulness fills the
volume of the universe to overflowing;
He is The King of all flesh, of all life, the King of me.

Precious, preeiment king, grant such glory and grace
as to let my whole being exult and sing,
sing for every instance of your favor
whose blessed scent blossoms on every path of life;
and for your mercy, electric in its radiant flux,
magnetic in its fierce pursuit.

Come, worship the King! Come worship
at His footstool and lift high fearful
praises past the last star of heaven; come and
bless His name a thousand times over, and
lift up acclamation, raise up laudation, exult
with jubilation – For He, The King is worthy,
He the King, is a thousand times worthy!

O my King of Love I thank you,
and I longingly await that precious morn
when I shall awake to see your face,
and we shall ever dance together in glory.

O my King of heroic love, of radiant love,
of noble love, of refreshing love, O my King of
eternal love etched in stone, sealed in blood,
alive forevermore, and seated on the throne –
may my heart ever yearn, ever submit, ever
trust, ever wait upon thy precious name.

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