A Second Prayer to God

I pray to God to heal my wounds,
the stink and stench of carnality,
for I have destroyed myself but Thou
shalt bind up and graciuosly heal;
transform me by Thy word; by Thy Good
Spirit let rivers flow and quench
this thirsty and dry abode, which I have made.
May my ever wretched body of death
have its desires struck with blindness,
and let Thy pure light guide me straightly.
Suffer no carnal ambition, nor prideful
boast to survive the heat of your fire.

I pray for strength, to be clothed
from on high with Him who is Everlasting,
Him who is Light, Him who cannot
be seen, I pray Thy blessed strength
be imparted to this lowly saint of rags;
set me on mine High Places, on Christ
The Eternal Rock, and let me forget
my wretchedness with glances of Thy
varied grace and goodness.

I pray for the golden oil of God’s Spirit
to flow in and burst from my chest;
for every ounce of self to be purged,
for Heaven’s Awesome Breath to
fill my body with boldness and praise
and thanksgiving; for God’s third man,
that blessed Dove of Heaven’s wind,
to rustle within my heart and fill me
with holy fear and holy fire.

I pray for grace to die; for that
sweetest example of love, that
most vehement and powerful surge
of Christ Jesus’ beating heart and life
to plumment down from heaven and
set me ablaze to the core; yes I pray
to die so that I might live; I pray for
every worldly tempt to be shattered
beneath the rod of my Risen Christ,
for every quivering fear in my belly
to be burnt to ash by His blessed and
blazing gaze of soul-piercing glory.

I pray for His tender cords of love,
eternally strong in their tenacity and flex,
enduringly sweet and lined with tender
mercy, thrice fold and drenched in blood;
I pray for them to pull me upward,
all else dung and loss; yes dearest Jesus
I pray for such a breadth of your
surpassing love, bright and glorious,
to outshine every other thing, and for
this Thy saint whom Thou lovest, to
ever yearn for your return.

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