Blessed Son

O blessed Son! like
the heat of morning’s
glorious sun, the grand
production of God’s alarm.
in His splendid fashion He emerges
as a bridegroom released to the bride,
incandescent and all-in-all brilliant, beautiful,
and bounding upon the hills of holiness,
Hind of The Dawn, King of kings,
glorious in His passion of love.

O blessed Son! like
the breezy wind breathing
On creation, stirring up
the scent of apples and cassia,
aloe with sweet myrrh,
blessing those in whom God’s
very being dwells, with the majesty
and gladness of His blessed fragrance,
O blessed Son, how energetic
and effervescent in His gust;
like a sword piercing through
space and time, His Spirit swings
along the current.

In earnest zeal I yearn for
the brightness of His face,
Let me fall upon your warm breast and embrace
The riches of your grace!
O beloved rose, O towering flock,
O radiant sun of heaven’s glorious and eternal celebration,
rest here with Thy bride;
Let thine blessed wind gush and blow and
Breathe; breathe into me, O my beloved,
My hiding place, my mountain castle strong as ever –
Come, O beloved come! blessed Son come!

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