Looking Unto Jesus

When we look to The LORD our faces are lightened. They are lit up, we are made to rejoice/be glad. When we behold Jesus Christ, our faces are lightened. We must look at Jesus more often and we will be made glad more often! You will not be filled with sorrow, nor disappointed, nor put to shame, to look upon the blessed Christ, our Lord Jesus.

"They looked unto Him, and were lightened/made to rejoice/be glad: and their faces were not ashamed." [Psa 34:5]

If you find yourself with sorrowful countenance, fixed on the miseries of life, open up the scriptures and behold a fresh, new revelation of Jesus Christ’s glory. Look to Christ, as Hebrews exhorts, “the author and finisher of our faith.”


The highest state of joy and gladness is only obtained through contemplation and a viewing of Jesus Christ’s glory, of looking to Jesus.

As John Ownen writes,

"Our beholding by faith things that see not seen, things spiritual and eternal, will alienate all our afflictions, - make their burden light, and preserve our souls from fainting under them. Of these things the glory of Christ, whereof we treat, is the principal, and in due sense comprehensive of them all. For we behold the glory of God himself 'in the face of Jesus Christ.' He that can at all times retreat unto the contemplation of this glory, will be carried above the perplexing prevailing sense of any of these evils, of a confluence of them all." [John Owen - The Glory of Christ]

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