Never Ashamed

"They looked unto Him, and were made to be glad/rejoice, and their faces were not ashamed." [Psa 34:5]

Those who look unto God, to The LORD, are made to rejoice. The sight of God will never leave those who gaze upon it in dismay. No, it is not possible, for here we see “they looked unto Him and were made to be glad/made to rejoice.” And those who look to God are not ashamed. The Lord is not like a movie, which may entertain or may not: you may leave its presence with happiness, you may not. And if perhaps it does give you some positive emotion, it will soon fade. Those who look to entertainment; those who look to the world, those who look to men: they will be ashamed. There is no solid and sure hope for them. Oh, but for those who look to God alone, Jesus alone, they will not be ashamed! For in Zion hath The Father laid “a foundation stone, a tried stone, a precious corner stone, a sure foundation: [and] he that believeth shall not flee.” [Isa 28:16] Or yet again, “whosoever believeth on Him shall not be ashamed.” [Rom 9:33; 10:11, 1 Pe 2:6] No one who looks to Jesus will be ashamed; none that look to their wonderful Savior for help and aid, for relief and joy, will be made to flee away in discouragement, made to flee in shame, made to flee in disappointment. But those who look to Him are refreshed. They are gladdened; they are made to rejoice! Dear Christian, have you ever once found our Savior to be a dry wilderness? A land of darkness? Has He ever once been found of you empty and with regret? Oh, some may think so, but I say they have not sought Christ! For those who look to Him are never ashamed, but rather filled with joy!

Notice also that all they must do is look! How wonderful! How glorious! How beautifully unlike the world! Is it not true what is written, “Who is like unto thee, O LORD, among the gods? who is like thee, glorious in holiness, fearful in praises, doing wonders?” The world’s founts have many rules and requirements before one may drink; and they are even as a deceitful bow, for you may aim one way but come out the opposite. One may come to the world’s tricks and toys for pleasure and go away with shame and confusion. Ah, but our God is not so. No, He never puts us to shame. And all we must do is look. We don’t need a membership; we don’t need money; we don’t need clothing; we don’t need status; we don’t need tradition; we don’t need religion; we don’t need a degree; we don’t need anything but this one thing: LOOK. Look to Him and find life! Look to Him and find joy! Again I say, LOOK!

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